Current Project: Friday Night @ House Park

  • For over 20 years I've lived in the Old West Austin Neighborhood and my fall Friday nights are filled with the roar of the crowd, marching band performances and high school fight songs. Not only do the sounds fill our neighborhood but it stoked my own memories of high school and the rite of passage that is a high school football game. Whether you were a cheerleader, the quarterback, on the dance team, a trumpet player, the science nerd or a little used, under sized cornerback / kickoff team kamikaze (the photographer), you have memories of your high school football games. Not necessarily memories of the game but everything the game created around it. High school football makes its own weather – the emotion, the excitement, the teachers, the parents, the nerves and the rivalries inside your own school.
  • My project is an attempt to capture what happens around the game of high school football and in particular, at historic House Park Field which is located in the middle of downtown Austin. House Park is one of many unique things about Austin’s urban core. Many thanks to Austin Independent School District and Austin High School for allowing me to follow their great tradition and students for two seasons.
  • History of House Park
  • In 1903, Colonel E.M. House owned all of the property east of Shoal Creek from what is now Martin Luther King, Jr., Boulevard south to 12th Street and west of the West Avenue property lines. As his political career began to develop, he gave that land to the City of Austin for the “benefit of Austin’s youth”. What had been his “horse pasture" is now House Park. The east stands at House Park were built and the stadium was dedicated in 1937.
  • Net proceeds from print sales will be donated, in memory of Austin High student Audrey Ducote, to the Austin High School Endowment.